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So, you've followed all of the real estate dos and do nots and remembered to make the offer of purchase on one of the houses for sale conditionally on the property successfully passing a full home inspection. But, you might not have thought about what problems could be potentially wrong with that home or what you're going to do if something is revealed to be a problem. Here are some of the most common issues that come up in home inspections and a little about how difficult they are to remedy.

About one third of homes inspected have some sort of drainage issues or water damage. This can range from smaller problems that can go relatively untreated for many years without much of a consequence to huge problems that will affect the safety or health of the people living within that home. If there is improper surface grading or water penetration listed on your home inspection you will definitely want to make sure that you understand how severe the issue is before moving forward or backing out of that purchase.

Twenty percent of home inspections report some kind of electrical issue. Most of these problems are the result of previous owners trying to do their own electrical work in the home without getting the help of a trained professional and hooking something up incorrectly. This is another time when the size of the problem can very quite significantly. You might just have a couple of lights that were wired incorrectly in one room or could have problems throughout the house that could end up starting a fire.

The third most common home defect is only recorded in about eight percent of properties but is certainly something that could cost you a lot of money to take care of. Roof damage can seem like it means that you would just have to replace some of the shingles, but you also have to think about how long it's been an issue and if it has caused any other problems. You might find that you actually need to replace a large patch of the roof or even that there has been leakage into another part of the house causing mold or water damage.

Other issues that you might encounter are problems with the heating systems, structural damage, issues with the plumbing and poor ventilation. There are also owners who simply neglect doing general upkeep on their property and have small maintenance issues all over the place. You will want to make sure that fixing these things does not add up to too much of a greater cost that you're paying out when moving in.

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