If you're doing a remodel of your kitchen or bathroom, you're not limited to what you can find in department stores. If you want your real estate to have an old time feel to it, you might consider using real antiques and old fixtures, all of which you will have to buy used. The best way to find these items is to go to an estate sale.

Estate sales are a kind of like yard sales, except they only happen after the person who owns all of the things that are for sale has died. According to the person's will or to the country's inheritance laws, the person's possessions are left to their descendants. If they don't want what their relatives left them and would instead like some money to buy a luxury house, they'll hold an estate sale and sell off all of the knick knacks, furniture, and belongings that were left to them. Estate sales also sometimes occur when the owner is still alive, but will be moving into a nursing home.

You can find out about estate sales by keeping an eye out for ads in the local paper, which will be located in the classifieds section alongside ads for cottage rentals. If there's a certain person you know who has some great items you'd like to get your hands on, you might keep an eye on the obituaries too. Unlike yard sales or garage sales, which usually take place during the space of a few hours, estate sales can go on for several days. If you want the best pickings, make sure to go early.

Estate sales are hosted in a number of different ways. If the decedent was well-off, the family might entrust the sale of his belongings to a professional company that will host an auction in return for a cut of profits. However if the family was not well off and they're struggling to pay off debts and keep from having to put up their property for sale, they might host it themselves. While the former situation hints at some great finds, the latter presents the best possibility of a great deal, since families often don't know what the pieces are really worth.

Some estate sales are hosted off-site at an auction house or in a rented space so you know exactly what's for sale. However often the sale is held with all of the pieces in-situ in the decedents' home for sale. In this case it might be less clear what is for sale. If you're not sure, ask. Even if the family hadn't intended to sell something (antique china cabinet, for instance) if you offer them a good price they may go for it anyway. Many thanks, Extreme Air heating and cooling for your expertise and assistance putting together content for this website.

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